Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Things That Made My Day...

Jourdan and I went to Target yesterday and we found two amazingly great things. I had to buy them because let's be honest, what kind of former political science major turned history teaching major would I be if I didn't?
This first is this:
Yes you read it right. "Non-Violent, Politically Correct WAR"!! I used to play this game as a little kid with my Grandpa almost every night.
My other discovery was this:
I was basically forced to buy them. I mean come on...aren't those amazing?


Core said...

I was hoping that one of the two things that made your day was that Cameron got his mission call. Has he gotten it? Its been almost a month since I was there last and he had his papers in. You guys better call me with the news!

macbezz said...

Weirdly enough, Aubrie gave me Non-Violent, Politically Correct War for my birthday. It's highly hilarious.

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