Saturday, September 13, 2008

Even when I wonder sometimes about the outcome...

What a week this has been. Cam left for the MTC on Wednesday. He was all smiles, I cried. Not only because I finally decided that I was going to miss him (there was some doubt there for a little while), but because I remember what it was like to be dropped off at the MTC, just walking into the building brought back a flood of memories and I realized how much I missed that place. It was hard for me, but what an amazing experience, once in a life time.
That's just one, among many things that happened this week, and I realized as all the craziness was unfolding, how much I enjoy my roommates. At the risk
of sounding like that gushing girl on the LDS verson of Pride and Prejudice, I really do love my roommates. We're all very different, but very similar. First there's me. I'm loud, sarcastic and sometimes very moody. Then there's Wollsch (known to everyone else as Lindsey), she's tall, athletic, super funny and motivates all of us to start running. She is obsessed with sports and gets us to watch all the BYU games and yell at the TV. Then there's Shelisa, she's short, blond and totally crazy. She's the one that convinces all of us to get dolled up and go dancing, to flirt shamelessly with boys in Walmart and to learn how to be players. Last but not least we have Chelsie. She a little more
quiet, but the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she's always willing to help me with my piano homework and go the the library to study with me. She's the one who pulls us together for roommate dinners and will sit with you when you cry and scratch your back and tell you it's all going to be okay. I have never been in a situation when girls from different back rounds, who didn't know each other before (well, except for me and Wollsch) got a long so well. We do things together and enjoy it. We support each other and borrow clothes, we make dinner together and decorate our apartment, we stay up late talking. I know that so much of this sounds like parts of a cheesy movie, but it's true. I have THE best roommates.


jmemay said...

Is that you with BROWN hair!!!??? Is that what I see? LOVE it!

Malinda said...

First! What the...WHEN DID YOU DO YOUR HAIR?!? Did I see you like that? Did I comment? Cause Holy Moly it's hot! Second, don't you just love it when your life is like a good movie! But the real question is have you met your Mr Darcy?

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