Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Giving of the Thanks...

So friends, this is my first major holiday at home...I don't really count the 4th of holiday I mean HOLIDAY. Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving...Those are holidays... Anyway... I am so excited to be home for Thanksgiving this year. I LOVE Thanksgiving. Getting the family together, eating at my Aunt Melissa's house, my mom begging my dad to let us listen to Christmas music already. I love that it's cold enough for me to wear a coat and to see my breath in the morning when I wake up. I love that my sisters and I got to have our traditional Thanksgiving Eve sleepover where we watch Gilmore Girls and drink Dr. Pepper while eating junk food. For some reason, this year especially, I feel like I have so much more to be grateful for than in other years. Maybe it's because I'm older and therefore I have a better concept of what I have in my life... But I just wanted to share with you all a few things that I feel like are blessings in my life:

* My family...They're crazy ,but they're mine.
* My testimony. I love that my faith in the Lord has grown since I've been home. I love the concept that we never stop growing. what an amazing gospel this is.
* My roommates. They're always there for me when I need someone, each of them is unique and special, but that's what makes things work.
*My glam job. Okay, so it's not so glam, but it means that I get to spend this weekend relaxing and hanging out with my family.
*The rain. Silly, but so me. I love rain and I feel like it was my own tender mercy that it rained tonight. :)
*My friends. I've been so lucky to find good friends and to have them around (if you have the address to my blog then you can consider yourself part of this... :))
*I know I already said my family, but I have to do a special shout out for my mom and my sisters. They're so special to me. I'd be lost without them, they really are my best friends.

So there you have it, just a few things I'm grateful to have... Since we all should be giving thanks...I mean at least we're not Indians who had our lands stolen...(name the Gilmore Girls episode...) HAPPY DAY OF GIVING THANKS!!


Mike and Mindy Williams said...

The Rain! Oh...I love remembering that you love the rain! It makes me love the rain too...Happy Thanksgiving! :)

aubrie said...

..."in exchange for smallpox infested blankets." Amen!

I love the new layout of the blog, so cute and so Mal. I'm glad you're home for Thanksgiving this year too. Have so much fun with your family and tell them hi for me! Thanks for being the best--love you!

Kim said...

I'm thrilled to be on your thankful list! (I am a friend, right?) I don't know very many people as happy as you and Aubrie. It's very refreshing!

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