Thursday, January 1, 2009

Propsero Ano...y Felicidad!

Hi friends! So I thought that I'd put a couple of my New Year's resolutions on my loverly little blog.

1. COUCH COVERS! Our couches are hideous.
2. Rug for the living room... See previous comment about couches, but replace 'couch' with 'carpet'
3. Ace Advanced Spanish Grammer
5. Work on my book more often
6. Go to the temple more often

These are just a couple of things I want to do this year...I need a few more... Any suggestions?


Kim said...

1st: Book? You're working on a book? I think you need to explain. 2nd: If you want to go to the Mount Timpanogos Temple, let me know. I'll go with you. 3rd: My goal is develop some kind of talent. I'm thinking I'll learn how to cook. Maybe Aubrie will offer lessons :) Happy New Year!

Malinda said...

YOU'RE WRITTING A BOOK! That is freaking intense! What's it about? Holy Moly! y you should totally have visit AZ so you can dtae then marry my brother!

Mal Mecham said...

Yes, I'm writing a book. And yes, you can read it. As soon as I'm done. :)

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