Friday, August 28, 2009

Why I'm a Freak of Sideshow Proportions...

Because while I was sitting in my Colonial America class on Wednesday it hit me all of the sudden how much I really LOVE school and how happy I am to be back. As I listened to my professor explain the intricacies of the Spanish Colonization in America I was freakishly excited to learn all of the amazing things that this class would teach me. I walk on to campus every morning exhilerated at the idea that today holds new things for me to understand. New pieces of the puzzle that is human history for me to attempt to place together. So all in all, I'm a happy girl.

(I had to post this picture because it was the first one that I took with my new webcam on my new computer!! Just one more thing to be excited about).


Malinda said...

You are a freak!...but I still love you!

aubrie said...

New classes!
New computer!
New picture!

All of it makes me very happy. I'm so glad that you're enjoying life so much. I miss you like crazy, Mallie Sue!

Amy said...

Exactly which part of this is supposed to be news? :)

I love it and I love that you love it! (also it's a very cute new picture). :)

Kim said...

Awesome! You love school because you're good at school. Enjoy!

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