Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tune My Heart...

Today, I'm going to focus on something extra positive. I love the song "Come Thou Fount". On the mission, everything time I was sad, down, having a hard day or was super happy, excited about life, basically whatever mood I was in, I would listen to it. It brings peace to my soul when I need it, adds joy when joy is already present and helps bring the Spirit, so it's always good to have around. I love the idea of tuning 'your heart to sing his praise.' It suggests something finite, something small and simple, but yet still difficult to do. It's a part of you that takes time to get to the right place. That idea gives me hope. It's the whole idea that perfection is a slow process, attainable, but not in this life. As we move closer to Him, we can truly learn to sing His praises, to worship Him the way that we should, in the right 'key' if you will.
Part of it reminds me of a phrase in the scriptures that I never really saw until I was a missionary. The phrase 'in fine'. I love it. I love the image it conjures in my mind. In me it's all the small little details, the idea that with all things considered this happened or that happened. I love that the Lord takes it all in. In fine. All the small, minor tuning we do to our lives to make the key what it needs to be. Sometimes it just hits me how perfect it all is, how large, yet how small. How majestic, yet how simple what He has created for us is. I love when things hit me like that. It helps me to feel small and sheltered by Him, yet at the same time, so important, with such a mission to fulfill.


aubrie said...

One of my all-time favorite songs. Thanks for the wonderful post. It's been a couple of months of huge trials & big changes for me, it's a nice reminder that there are little things that I can do to make my life better, even when I can't do everything at once and even if I can't (and shouldn't) control everything and everyone around me. I love you Mal.

Mal Mecham said...

Thanks friend! I'm glad that my random thoughts could spark some of your own. You're the bestest. I love you too. :)

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