Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So since it's fall break, one of the other receptionists at work went to Hawaii and the other is going to Arizona. This means that I get to be at work for a good portion of my break. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I basically have the best job known to man. It's true. I get paid to watch football games and to play on facebook while answering the phones. Plus, I work with some great people. I'd never tell them that of course, because a bunch of them are guys and it'd go to their heads. Quickly. Today when I came in, I discovered that on Friday I am scheduled to spend the day with Dave and Leif because everyone else is gone. They informed me that we're going to make paper airplanes and throw a hard drive down the stairwell. With a camera inside so we can see the distruction from a first hand persepective. Best. Job. Ever.

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aubrie said...

So I think I need your job. Or better yet, the job of one of the other receptionists there so I can work WITH you. It sounds way too fun, and you're making my job feel lamer and lamer every day :)

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