Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And a Happy New Year...

Okay friends, Romans, countrymen... lend me your ears. I am now going go talk about my New Year's Resolutions. And since I am of such great importance, I know you all will want to hear them.

* Graduate from college.
* Get a 4.0 my last full semester.
* Apply for a passport.
* Read one new, non-school book a month.
* Finally purchase myself an iPod.
* Go on an adventure.

I figure I should start fairly small... any additions to my list?


Anonymous said...

amen sister.

Malinda said...

Visit Nevitt in AZ so we can plan our trip to London!

Mal Mecham said...


Liz said...

sounds like a great list to me! let's get 4.0s TOGETHER!

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