Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Has your soul been taken over by caffeinated space aliens?"

I love love quotes. Sometimes, I'd rather quote someone else then use my own words because I cannot think of anything that will better explain a situation. I also have a habit of writing down funny things that other people say. Here are a few things that I've heard lately:

While standing in front of the big windows at work:
"It's an HDSLC day." -Leif
"An high definition Salt Lake City day. You can see everything!"-Leif

"I deserve Arctic Circle!" -Dave, after changing the toner in the copier

"I really like you." -Kelsea to Liz after she flicked her hair band at Kirk on accident

"I could say, 'I'm naked right now' and no one would care!" -A friend who shall not be named, complaining about now no one comments on her Facebook status

"Hitler never did anything to me! I'm white and blonde." -Liz

"I need my Fun and Splash hot tub!" -Life Size, but often repeated by Karlie and I to each other.

"England, as you know of course, is small." -My Colonial America professor last semester

"Touchdown, baby!" -My 10 year old brother, every single time anyone cheered during the Superbowl

"He's really socially awkward so he has to go to a play therapist..." -My sister, about one of her students

"I think on the Oxygen channel in the morning, there's a guy who does that..." -My home teacher, talking about Pilates (he's mechanic...and knows about the Oxygen channel. Don't tell me that's not funny.)

Your turn...


Emily said...

"Give it here, Percy. I don't mind coconut."

"You don't mind nothin' girl."

Corrina, Corrina

Usually said with food items, or when asking for things in general. A family fav, for suuure.

Ashley said...

Me: "Boston, I want you to stay my baby forever. I don't want you to grow up."

Boston: "But Mommy, I can't because I just keep eating food!!" (Beause we always tell him he has to eat his food so he will grow bigger)

Cathie said...

"He said you have to choose between this life, the next life, or AUSTRALIA!"

Your England quote seriously made me laugh.

Annette said...

Thanks, you've made my day Mal :) Here's one that happened yesterday:

Playfriend: Do you like boys?
Cambrie: I like girls.
Playfriend: Who are you going to marry?
Cambrie: My daddy.

Liz said...

WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS POST UNTIL RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!???! i love when you quote me! you're the best!
and seriously... you're probably the only person who comments on my facebook statuses. and i love you for it.

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