Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you didn't believe that I was crazy before, here's proof...

I absolutely love to clean. I know. I have a disorder. My mom is a special ed teacher. She diagnosed me ages ago. I've been called everything from crazy to OCD. But it's part of my charm. I wouldn't be me if I didn't obsessively clean everything. And organize. And color coordinate my closet. And my shoes. (Do you get the idea?) But I've come to learn that all chores are not created equal. Only a true clean freak knows this. Most people dislike vacuuming as much as they dislike cleaning the toilet. 
Remember how I think dusting is a waste of time? Because it is. 
As much as I love to clean, by far and away, my most favorite chore to do is laundry. There's something soothing about sorting, folding and putting my clothes away. I usually put on a movie (today I did a John Hughes marathon. I needed a little Some Kind of Wonderful and Pretty in Pink in my life) and fold to my heart's content. I usually save my laundry for when I've had a bad day because it puts me in an excellent mood. Today, I was already having a fantastic day. Indulge me while I tell you about it:
-I was early to work
-Rain anyone?
-Actual work to do in the office
-Football season is upon us!
-Finally getting to talk to my friend Jourdan who has been in Europe all summer, who is also coming home in less than a week!
-Lunch with my darlingly pregnant Whitney (who honestly is one of the cutest pregnant girls that I've ever seen. And I'm not biased.)
-A little more rain
-John Hughes
-Dinner with Liz at CKP
-Diet Coke with Lime
-Book shopping with Liz and Barnes and Noble (I bought Macbeth and Tale of Two Cities)
-2 days until Shakespeare Festival and the delight that is Macbeth

See what I mean? How could anyone have a bad day after all that? And laundry just made it that much better. 

Life is good.


Baby Sister said...

Sounds like an amazingly awesome day. Glad to know I'm not the only organization freak out there. :)

Liz said...

laundry, the most inspiring of all the household chores.
loved our cpk/b&n adventure. here's to many more!

Emily said...

You're so cute! seriously though, you are. I don't lie about these sort of things. Also, while I was in high school I had a friend 'clean sweep' my room. That tells you how much I was not a cleaner…but I'm getting better, I swear! You'd be proud.

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

What an awesome day! And so glad I made the list! It was so fun to catch up with you and I can't wait to see you again, soon! And thank you for your sweet compliment. I don't always feel so cute, especially since now I can sit comfortably at all if I'm leaning forward a little. Silly belly.

Megan said...

I love hearing about wonderful days! Those are the best. And yesterday, I found myself folding laundry watching When in Rome. I must love you or something. :)

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