Monday, August 2, 2010


I have a huge personal bubble. 

It's absolutely massive. Miles thick. 

There are a few people who are always allowed to invade this bubble without permission. 
The list is fairly short:
My parents
most of my siblings

So it kind of unnerves me when strange people come close to me. I try and be polite about it. I bounce a lot anyway so I try to make my moving back look as natural as possible. Most people are accidental bubble invaders. They typically get the hint and allow me to move into a safe zone of NO TOUCHING. The absolute worst is when you find a bubble invader unable to pick up on the subtle hints. These are a rare but deathly annoying breed of human kind. They enjoy the awkward look on your face and the panic in your eyes. Every time you take a small step backwards, retreating into the empty space behind, they take one forward, closing the precious space between.
 It's a new form of torture, I tell you! Forget water boarding, if someone wants information out of me all they'll have to do is stand really really close to me without my express permission or desire to have them there. I'd crack in a second. 
This, dear friends, is why I can never achieve my goal of becoming a world class spy. Well that an my complete lack of martial art skills. 


Kim said...

MOST of your siblings? You crack me up!

Corey said...

Amber can totally relate to you. To this day I wonder how I broke threw the bubble.

aubrie said...

That and the martial arts thing...but mostly the personal bubble. :)

Freaky people. What are they doing standing so close to you? They better not touch your face. That would result in a slow and painful death (for both of you, I'd wager).

m.a.f said...

oh man, do i know this feeling! i've recently met someone who is constantly invading my space bubble. and the worst part is they just don't get it. i move away, they move closer, because they don't know--they don't realize. it's the complete lack of awareness that really drives me absolutely up the wall!! yikes.

Liz said...

if this is about the time when i dug my nails into your arm because i was so excited by the sight of taylor lautner then again i am sorry!! :)

Beth said...

How about those people who not only stand unnervingly too close, they reach out and touch you while they're talking?

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