Saturday, October 16, 2010

Remember that one time when I almost didn't come home from Texas?

Yeah, I do. It was this afternoon. I almost hopped off the plane and ran across the tarmac, back towards Jalaynie and begged her to take me back home with her. There are many factors which contributed to this insane and dangerous impulse. 
One of them is that I hate that Lucas moved Jalaynie to a completely different state that takes 3 hours by plane to visit. 
Another is that Texas, I discovered, is the LAND OF TARGET! Honestly! There were as many Target stores there as there are LDS chapels in Utah.
 It's fan-freaking-tastic. 
Yet another reason that I almost endangered my life is that the Quarry Market has the honest to goodness biggest Gap that I've ever seen. It's like my version of heaven. (I mean it's I shouldn't be surprised that they have the biggest Gap ever. Everything's bigger in Texas, right? Yeah, it's not a joke.)
Reason #12905: Everyone is so freaking nice! I've never been complimented more in my life. For example: I was buying some nerd glasses at Forever 21 and the cashier (who I'd never met before, mind you) told me how darling I was and how I just had a good spirit about me. Who says things like that? Texans, that's who.
Reason #C: Even though the humidity did crappy things to the skin on my face, I barely had to use lotion the whole time I was there.
Reason # awesome: Two words: Panera Bread. Right?!

I will now attach some freaking incredible pictures for empirical evidence:

Yeah, that's right. The Alamo. At night. Being it's awesome self.

Two of my favorite people. Lucas doesn't like getting his picture taken. Jalaynie loves it.

Be jealous. That's Woody's Roundup from Toy Story. They were at the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio. And we went. Because that's how we roll.

A very tired, but totally red headed me in my completely legit UT shirt. I know. You thought I couldn't get any cooler and I just did. 
Basically, my fall break rocked. It was a much needed change from the humdrum life that has been mine as of late. I read, watched way too many movies, slept in every day (until 9 am!!), spent lots of money at the rockin' San Marcos outlet malls and mostly, I got to see my best friend and her awesome husband. Pretty much, I'm the luckiest kid ever.  (And a big shout out to Lauren who worked the whole break so I could go.  You're a rock star.)

Just sayin'. 


aubrie said...

Fun! So glad you had such a great time! And the hair...oh the hair! I think I'm in love. You look AMAZING! xoxo

Stephen & April said...

I LOVE TEXAS!! Next time please take me with you!! Love April

Corey said...

Jelious!! Your mom said you were going but didn't say when. Wish I would have known when and could have arranged for somebody to come get you and bring you up to Dallas for a few day. Everyone would have loved to see you, but from the sounds of it and how much you liked'll be back. : )

Baby Sister said...

Sounds like fun. You're cute. :)

Malinda said...

Oh my FREAKING goodness! I am LOVING your hair!!

Amy said...

Utah is lucky that you came back. Just sayin'.

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

So fun! I've been to San Antonio and I loved it there! But if you move to Texas, I hear it's best to stay away from Houston. Worst weather in North America. So I've heard.

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