Thursday, November 18, 2010

"I'll have the rant meal with extra cheese."

So, I went to a concert last night. Wanna see pictures? Okay. Here we go:

Oh you were waiting for more?
Yeah, that's all I've got. 
Because that's pretty much all I saw, despite Megan's best efforts to help me find a place where my short little head could poke through and see the epicness that IS Sara Bareilles. I heard everything and trust me, she was beyond fantastic. I will never miss a concert that she plays near me ever again. But see, this is a problem that I have with concerts. I'm short. I know, news flash, right? I also am not an avid fan of wearing heels unless I'm at church or there's a devastatingly cute guy to impress (and that happens in my world very rarely), especially to a standing room only concert. Why put my little tootsies in an insane amount of pain by standing in 4 inch heels (that's how tall they have to be for me to see over the normal sized people around me) for hours on end? It has no sense. I did not find myself in this predicament due to lack of trying. 
Trust me.
We got there early enough...not as early as some (dang blasted work!) and until a teased haired, prodigious, ginormous girl insisted on standing directly in front of me, I could see great.
 Anyway, I did get to see glimpses of  the incredible and talented Sara every so often, mostly around this giant's poofy hair. Turns out I wasn't the only one who couldn't see due to her gargantuan height. She bent down at one point and you could hear a sigh of relief from about 12 people behind me. Don't get me wrong, I love tall people. Some of my best friends are all and I don't begrudge them that, but they all know not to stand in the path of immensely short people, mostly because they have me as a friend and they have been threatened within an inch of their lives that if they ever do this, I'll kick them in the shins. Because it's the only part of them that I can reach.
Fear not, dear readers, this didn't ruin the fantastical, magical, amazingness of the concert. That's how rockin' Sara is. She MCed her own concert. I pretty much love her. I now must devise a legal way of becoming her friend, because stalking is out.


Cathie said...

You need to take a page from the Spice Girls' book and wear platforms. It's like regular shoes, but taller!

Jen said...

hilarious! that's just about as bad as the lady in front of me that wouldn't stop taking pictures or video ... her arm is in almost every one of my pictures!

Baby Sister said...

I'm so jealous that you went to that concert!! I'm sorry you didn't really get to see though...that sucks.

Amy said...

This is where I break into "short people..." and then we throw stuff at the tall people.

When we were saying goodbye last week I thought "not many people make me feel tall, no wonder I love Mal." :D I'm so glad you got to go!

e said...

incredibly insanely jealous. even if all you did see was the back of that girls head.

last Thursday (coincidentally enough) all I listened to the entire day was Sara.

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