Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speaking of happy... know what makes me super happy? Christmas cards. And I've decided that even though my mom sends out a family Christmas card (well sometimes it ends up being more of a New Years' card...) I'm going to send out one on my own this year. Why not? I'm an adult, who has a fantastically interesting life and absolutely LOVES getting and sending mail. But, my dear friends, what's a card if you have no one to send it to? And now I get to my point. I want your address. Trust me, I'm not going to stalk you (unless you want me to). I just want to send you a little love and holiday joy in the form of a freaking awesome card from yours truly. If you don't want to leave your address in the comments, email  it to me. :)



Emily said...

I'm super pumped about this, just FYI. The other day I was looking at invitation/card websites and totally picked out the picture and card we would use if we had a card (even though I'm too frugal to go through with it now..ha)

Mike and Mindy Williams said...

Send me one!! And send me your address in return and I'll send you mine! :) 1211 n 200 w Layton, Utah, 84041

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