Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Auditory Delight... (day 2)

When I looked at the list there were 3items that I was positive that I'd never be able to choose just one 'favorite' for, so I decided not to. It's my blog for heaven's sake. So...Behold. My favorite songs.
Guster is probably my all time favorite band. They were the first real music that I fell madly in love with as a lowly high school student. I can never get enough of anything they write. And I own every CD they've released. Amazing with a capital A.

This lovely little ditty became one of my favorite songs and is my anthem for change. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've listened to it almost 200 times in the past year, but then I listen to it's sheer awesomeness again and I'm not even a little, tiny bit ashamed.

Happy listening!


A post script (or two): 
Dearest Amy, I love the idea of Day 30. (The 29 day plan bugged me as well.) Thanks for being your fantastic self and giving me lovely ideas. 
Loves, Mal

Dear friends aside from Amy who I tagged to do this, 
Add this to your list, por favor. :)

Day 30 - a photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past.

Love and rockets, 

1 comment:

Amy said...

I'm always so proud of me for knowing uber-cool bands like Guster. There is this note in "Either Way" (you know the one) that I could listen to ALL day long. Josh openly mocks me for listening to just one note over and over again.

We Shoot the Moon = Amazing. I don't own it, but if I did I'd probably listen to it 200 times today. I'm in love with that dude. Thanks for introducing us.

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