Monday, January 31, 2011

My new friends... (day 15)

I was lucky enough to meet not one, but two new friends this past year. They now rank among my very favorite people on the planet. 

Number One:

Lilia Mynonne Shaw
Here she was only a couple of days old, but in the last 8 months we've become buddies. 
I kind of love her. A lot.

Number 2:

Keegan Alexander Mecham
He's my favorite Peanut. Honestly. We talk on the phone when he's at Grana and Papa's house (my parents). Every time I get him on the phone he giggles because he knows it's his Auntie M. It's love.


Amy said...

:D Lucky lucky babies. You and Lilia are so happy together! I'm glad you have each other because clearly you'd prefer no one else's company.

aubrie said...

Hey, I know those kids! Cute ones. Definitely keepers. :)

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