Monday, January 24, 2011

Words words words... (day 8)

My mom always teases me about my obsession with words. I love 'em. Here is a favorite quote of mine:
"If love make me forsworn, how shall I swear to love?
Ah, never faith could hold, if not to beauty vowed!
Though to myself forsworn, to thee I'll faithful prove; 
Those thoughts to me were oaks, to thee like osiers bowed.
Study his bias leaves, and makes his book thine eyes, 
Where all those pleasures live that art would comprehend.
If knowledge be the mark, to know thee shall suffice; 
Well learned is that tongue that well can thee commend;
All ignorant that soul that sees thee without wonder; 
Which is to me some praise that I thy parts admire,
Thy eye Jove's lightening bears, thy voice his dreadful thunder.
Which, not to anger bent, is music and sweet fire, 
Celestial as thou art, O, pardon love this wrong, 
That singes heaven's praise with such an earthly tongue."
-Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost
Written by Berowne for Rosaline

Isn't it lovely? It just makes you want to be in love, doesn't it?


Baby Sister said...

That is a lovely quote. I approve. :)

Kim said...

Beautiful! Do you want to be in love, Mal? Or ARE you in love? If not, I have a friend, but I'm not sure if you'll like him... I've been thinking of setting you up for YEARS, but I'm always worried that you won't like him and then you won't like me and everything will be crazy. Anyway...

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