Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have never been good at... (day 23)

the favorites game. Not that I don't have favorites. I do. I just have lots of them. It's the same way with today's post. There hasn't only been one thing impacting my life lately. I'm the luckiest person on the planet and I have all sorts of good things influencing my little self right now. Here are a few:

(HA! I found a picture of Sara that she posed for! This is the Theatre Fairy! She's elusive about the whole picture thing, which why there hasn't been any picture of her until now.)


Karlie Jones said...

Seeing my picture on here pretty much just made my week! You are so great and I am glad that you think I am great too or else this would be awkward ;)
p.s. The Justin Bieber movie comes out tomorrow...just sayin'

Young People in Love said...

I LOVE the Hale Theater! My good friend is playing Link in Orem's production of Hairspray starting soon. I can't wait! They always put on such a good show.

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