Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few things I'll never understand... (The blog world edition)

I know. Ya'll thought I was so brilliant that there was NOTHING left that I didn't understand. Fear not, dearest readers, there are plenty of things in this world that make me tilt my pretty little strawberry blonde** head to one side and raise an eyebrow. Plus, people keep doing ridiculous things that continue to puzzle me. And lucky for ya'll, you get to read my innermost thoughts and wonderings via this snappy, snarky and stupendous blog. I know. You're excited.

* How everyone suddenly thinks they're a professional photographer: Yeah. You just have an extremely expensive camera that you barely know how to use. I will not be paying you an exorbitant amount of money for you to take substandard photos with techniques you learned from a tutorial on another armature photographer's blog.

* Why looking down and letting your hair fall in your face is now The Thing in pictures. Busy Bee Lauren can do it because she's awesome and has truly fantastic hair. She also includes quite a few pictures of her actual face in the post.

* Fashion blogs in general. I read a couple of fashion blogs. They're really fun sometimes. But just because you own a pair of skinny jeans and wear a belts in places that they don't traditionally belong does not mean that the whole world wants to know where you buy every single item of your clothing. (Disclaimer: I know I know. Just stop reading those blogs. But you know what? Sometimes they have really cute stuff on them. I just skip all of the freaking outfit posts.)

* DIY/Tutorials. Granted, there are some things that I would love to learn to do myself. I grew up with an incredibly crafty mom. The woman could make just about anything look like it was purchased at a store. But guess what? Not everyone has that talent. Sometimes things just look cheesy. I mean please. How many different things can you stick on a freaking headband?!

*Etsy. I love buying things off Etsy. In fact, I buy most of the presents I give people off Etsy. But let me tell you something: the entire world does not need their own Etsy store. About eleventy billion people already sell headbands/homemade rings/tutus/fudge/cookies/crochet iPod covers. Just make them for your friends and be happy about it.

*Vintage. Just because it's old doesn't mean that it's vintage. And for the record, I liked old things before it was cool.

Also. Don't be all offended by anything I said. This is just me ranting. And I'm not calling anyone out. So don't get your knickers in a twist.

** Don't worry. The strawberry part of that blonde is totally fake.


Jordan and Chelsie Toone said...

I think my favorite thing about this post is that I 100% agree with you about everything. haha Love you!

Amy said...

*snicker-like-a-14-year-old-boy* "knickers" *snicker snicker snort*

I love you. Times eleventy billion to the Etsy degree.

Ashley said...

Mal, I wish you would just tell people how you really are always hiding your feelings and opinions ;)

haha, loved the post!

Lydia said...

Gotta love those armature photographers ... ;)

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Agree, agree, agree! I have to add my own though that goes hand in hand with the photography one: shot-by-shot cooking blogs. Come one people! We all know how to pour in the milk. No picture needed.

Emily said...

I love that we talked about practically all these things on Wednesday. I heart etsy and it stinks that there are ridiculous people out there, but you definitely have to sift through it to find the best gems ever. Also, no one else's shot by shot cooking blogs will ever be better than pw's. She's the one and only and I love it. Sorry this is so long...I just have a lot of feelings...

wilybrunette said...

love this and you.

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