Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Admit it...

We all have guilty pleasures. Whether it's an occasional (or not so occasional) episode of The Bachelorette or a deep friend Snickers bar at the state fair once a year, you've got one. Most people don't publish theirs all over the internet because that's embarrassing and silly. I'll tell you right here and now: I happen to have multiple. And I happen to write about some of them on this here blog. So mine aren't such a secret, now are they? Anyway, I happen to be quite the music snob. You didn't know this? Yeah, we must not be very good friends. Pretty much everyone knows that I'm a music snob. I don't listen to the radio because I get sick of the same songs played ad nauseum. I love finding random obscure bands that not everyone has heard of. I was slightly disappointed when they started playing Adele on the radio because then everyone and their dog was obsessed and they'd never even heard her first album all the way through. See? I told you. I'm a music snob. But this music snob has a confession: I have a slight weakness for cheesy pop music. Wince. I know. So, dear readers, here you have my own personal guilty pleasures playlist for your enjoyment. I don't want to hear any mocking. I would welcome more suggestions though...

Your Love is My Drug-- Ke$ha
Baby-- Justin  Beiber
I Want It That Way-- Backstreet Boys
Burnin' Up--  Jonas Brothers
Seniorita-- Justin Timberlake
No Air-- Chris Brown/Jordin Sparks
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)-- Beyonce
Like Wow!-- Leslie Carter
SuperGirl-- Krystal
Moment Like This-- Kelly Clarkson
Hot N Cold-- Katy Perry
Pretty Girl Rock-- Keri Hilson
It's Gonna Be Me-- NSYNC
One Less Lonely Girl-- Justin Beiber
Poster Girl-- Backstreet Boys
Shake It-- MetroStation
Kiss & Tell-- Selena Gomez and The Scene
See You Again-- Miley Cyrus
Spice Up Your Life-- Spice Girls
Disturbia-- Rihanna
Marry You-- Bruno Mars
Leavin'-- Jesse McCartney
Tik Tolk-- Ke$ha
California Gurls-- Katy Perry
In My Head-- Jason Derulo


Liz said...

you have TWO ke$ha songs on that list so don't you judge me for going to her concert! listen to "the harold song," it's surprisingly awesome...

Bree said...

Okay you have no idea who I am-- a friend of Sarah Horn's who clicked on your blog link because it looked fun. And I love your blog, by the way, and also have a guilty pleasure for J Biebs. :) But a technical question: I love the end of your posts when you have 3 "you might like" links for other blogs posts you have. Is that an automatic thing you have set up, or do you manually choose random blog posts to include? I'd love to know! Thanks :)

e said...

excellent mix of high school/junior high classics and other stuff since then (yes that is the official time period title I'm going with)

does Stefy count as cheesy pop music?

amera hearts said...

S.O.S by jordan sparks. at least i think that's her name. totally better than the riri song. and why isn't there any nritney on this playlist? she is the pop princess!

Kaylea said...

i listen to pretty girl rock like every morning. and yes, i change the lyrics to "my name is kaylea..." so sue me.

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