Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Fallin'

I say that it's high time for another playlist. What say ye, dear readers? Well since your responses will take to long to get and I'll probably be off doing something else super exciting, I'm going to just give it to you, free of requests. I know. I'm completely fantastic and I read your minds. Remember to send your gifts in the form of Diet Coke and chocolate chip cookies.

Mal's Autumn Fallin' Playlist

I Would Do Anything For You --Foster the People
Girls Like You -- The Naked and Famous
The Rhythm You Started --Sophie Madeleine 
Anywhere with You --The Seventeens
Loves Who Uncover --The Little Ones
Some Kind of Wonderful --Michael Buble 
The Weakest Shade of Blue -- Pernice Brothers
Good Habit --Benton Paul
Birds of a Feather -- The Rosenbergs
This city's A Mess (and that's the correct capitalization, believe it or not) -- Said The Whale
Skyline --The Spring Standards
My Love --the bird and the bee
Autumn Fallin' --Jaymay
So Here We Are --Bloc Party
Goodnight Moon --Said The Whale

In other news? It turns out that soy milk is not detrimental to the health of Casey the Computer. I *might* have been enjoying a little Life Cinnamon cereal the other night and my milk *might* have jumped out of the bowl while I was watching Psych and Casey the Computer *might* have gotten a soy milk bath. But so far? He's a trouper and is working like a charm. I knew he was a fighter. 

I'm now off to see "Lady Macbeth" because I won free tickets in a drawing and who am I to turn down free tickets to a show?



Erin Marie said...

Okayy I loove that song My Love. It's just weird enough. Yet so catchy and lovely! Eeep! PS found that print on my blog via Pinterest, naturally! <3

Jessica and Reece said...

A soy milk bath? You are hilarious :)

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