Thursday, May 10, 2012

A collection of completely non-related things that I find completely interesting...

-On 10 May 1940 Winston Churchill became PM of Britain. Cool, no?

-The Avengers made over $200 million on their opening weekend. That just proves that my complete admiration is not misplaced. But just to double check, I'll be going to see it again with Alex on Saturday afternoon, with Liz (for historical research purposes) next week and again with Squeeg on my birthday (because who doesn't want to spend the day with both Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth as well as Jeremy Renner? A crazy person, that's who.)

-There are 17 days until my birthday. There are 52 days until Charisse gives up her ex-pat ways and finally comes back to the US of A for a good long while. This means that the First Annual David Tennant Appreciation Night can happen.

-Speaking of the fantastic Mr. Tennant, I've had two discs of Doctor Who sitting on my DVD player for almost two weeks. I can't bring myself to actually let it end.

-I'm completely head over heels for Benedict Cumberbatch after this week's episode of Sherlock. Let's be  honest: I loved him before, but this week we've moved into full blown obsession mode.

-One of my friends jumped about 10,000 points on my ridiculously awesome scale when he told me that he has Keeping Up Appearances on DVD. Eli McCann,  you are now definitely in the running for my favorite person.

-We're getting new art put in our office this week and I'm pretty much in love. I also think that everyone should come visit and see it. It's worth the drive.

- After chatting with some friends, I'm seriously considering opening my own Etsy store to sell my cards as well as offer my handwriting services. I feel that this could be a way to finance a trip to Europe. Thoughts?


Liz said...

i'm totally in favor of you having an etsy shop for your cards!!!!!!!!! almost as much as i'm in favor of the fact that we FINALLY get to play next week! :)

Danny, Katherine and Miles said...

GOOD GRAVY! We love sherlock, and I didn't know there was a new episode... We've waited so long!

Danny, Katherine and Miles said...

False alarm. I thought you were referring to watching it on netflix. No dice.

patience said...

i love that you are getting art put in your office. i hate when that aspect is overlooked!

Cyd B. said...

45 days! (Sorry, it took me a few to catch up here.) Just take the plunge on the last few episodes - they're awesome, and you can always start over again!

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