Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Blush and Bashful..."

Pink. I won't lie, I think that it's the best color ever. I like lots of other colors: purple, blue, yellow, green (ohh! I love green!), but none of them come close to pink. Anyone who knows me knows that the color pink can make me happy faster then just about anything else (except maybe Dr. Pepper or Gilmore Girls...or maybe Hairspray..."Without love..."). If I could color the world pink, I would. Anyone who's ever seen Steele Magnolias can understand. I relate with Shelby very well, I love the part when Sally Fields tells Julia Roberts that the whole chapel looks like it's been draped in Peptobismal . I'm sure that people have thought the same thing while looking at my wardrobe. Pink is such a happy, cheerful color, it matches my personality so well, if I do say so myself. (Note to readers: This post was written while the author was had a severe cold and had taken quite a bit of Nyquil. Just thought you'd should be warned. )

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