Saturday, February 7, 2009

So this must be the thing....

So Aubie and Amy both did this on their blogs, and I thought it was just so darn cute. I just did it on Facebook, but the thing is, I wasn't completely honest about it. I mean, everything I said was true, but there were things that I left out because I don't want everyone on Facebook to read them. So, I'm combining the whole 25 things with something that Aubie did that I thought was so neat. So introducing 25 true things about me.

1. The truth is I have seen the 5 hour version of Pride and Prejudice so many times that I can quote the whole thing, word for word. And I named my teddy bear Mr. Darcy.
2. The truth is that because I'm 23 and not married and not dating anyone, I sometimes feel like I'm a social outcast.
3. The truth is that if I could pick somewhere to live, it would be as far away from Provo as I could get.
4. The truth is I really like dressing up for no reason.
5. The truth is I LOVE wearing bright red lipstick. It makes me feel pretty.
6. The truth is that even though once I'm on the phone I'm okay, I really hate being the one to call and interrupt someone else's day.
7. The truth is I have a 'annoying complex' i.e. I'm always worried about annoying everyone around me and feel as though I do most of the time.
8. The truth is I count calories and fat to the point of almost being obsessive. Except when I eat at my parent's house or at Aubrie and Corey's.
9. The truth is I check my phone obsessively AND if I'm waiting for someone to call sometimes I'll turn my phone on silent so that I won't be waiting to hear it ring.
10. The truth is I am a HUGE perfectionist.
11. The truth is I color coordinate my closet. (See #10 for explanation.)
12. The truth is I love roses.
13. The truth is that I absolutely love really, really big earrings.
14. The truth is that sometimes I color coordinate my pajamas. (Again, see #10 for explanation.)
15. The truth is sometimes I think about my life as a movie, complete with a killer soundtrack, and really really good clothes.
16. The truth is I really wish I sang well, but I'm okay with the fact that I only kind of play the piano.
17. The truth is when my friend Kat was having a bad day, I once took her to try on wedding rings. Just for kicks.
18. The truth is I'm kinda afraid that I'll never get married.
19. The truth is that I can't sleep until my room is clean. Once my roommate Mindy threw a blanket over a mess so that I would go to bed and not continue cleaning.
20. The truth is I wish that I had a British accent.
21. The truth is I hate Celine Dion.
22. The truth is the 2 best compliments that I've ever had came from boys who had no idea how much they meant to me.
23. The truth is I love school.
24. The truth is if i could spend entire days and weeks reading, I'd do it without hesitation.
25. The truth is I still read my scriptures in Spanish because a little part of me thinks that they're more true in Spanish than in English even though I know they're not.


aubrie said...

The truth is that you're one of my all-time favorite people.

The truth is that at least half of those things are true for me as well.

The truth is that I'm so glad that we're friends, because even though we're wildly different in a lot of ways, and in such different places in our lives, you make my life so much more fun.

Amy said...

And the truth is I love you! (Because really, what's not to love?) and I think you're fantastic!

PS I hate Celine Dion too - Josh likes her and I think that's wrong. I secretly hid his CDs....shhh don't tell.

Annette Rogers said...

Mal, I love it. Maybe I should tell Jeremy about the "throwing the blanket over the mess" trick. I think my cleaning drives him crazy as well. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

I love this post! I love that you love Pride and Prejudice and prefer reading. And by they way, I'm antisocial because I hate calling and interrupting people too. Now that I know you feel the same way, I'll call you sometime to go shopping.

Anonymous said...

oh friend! i remember that day! martha took us there! i remember when i was reconciled with the fact that i could have a smaller stone, and that round is sparklier that square. oh, how are you?!

Mike and Mindy Williams said...

Oh! I love it!! I remember that...and it makes me miss you! Glad things are going swimmingly...I hope you can get out of Provo sooner rather then later too (although, once you're gone, you'll miss it...I do!)

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