Sunday, March 22, 2009

My New Job

With weddings come many job opportunities, and well, I've decided to take one of them. I believe that this job will be of use in my chosen profession and that I will be an excellent candidate. Here's the job description. Let me know what you think.
Job Description for BFOTB (aka the best friend of the bride):
*Proof engagement pictures.As a professional wedding announcement critic, I, the BFOTB, must be sure that there are not any: cheesy picture montages, kissing photos, bad printing, awkward poses, ugly outfits, animals, extra limbs, and every other potentially strange item that would qualify them for the Awkward Engagement Photos group on Facebook.
*Cake reconstruction, in case of collapse.
*Portable tissue box
*Relaxation therapist
*Self Esteem counselor
*Dress consultant (for the bride and for herself as well as other bridesmaids)
*Bouquet holder
*Party planner
*Sensor of shower gifts that could possibly be wildly inappropriate (coughShelisacough)
*Left over wedding cake eater
*Stand up comedian
*Dear John Writer
Just so all of you out there know, this position has been filled, by ME, for further questions, comments, concerns or jokes, refer to Gilmore Girls, season six, episode entitled The Perfect Dress. This is very silly way of saying congrats to Chels and Jordan who got engaged this past week.

(As a side note and disclaimer: Chels does not really require me to do all these things, but she and Jord did help me make the list because well, let's be honest, it's more fun that way.)


aubrie said...

Yay! Congrats to Chelsie!
(Also, you do make a dang good BFOTB...especially in regards to the cake reconstructing...)

Amy said...

:) I'm pretty sure she's lucky to have you, and that you're the greatest BFOTB there ever was.

Anonymous said...

fantastic! can you also be on jewelry patrol? i feel too many brides are compelled by some unknown pearl god to wear too much. just a thought ;)

Julina said...

AH! I LOVE that episode! sooo good... Anyways, hi.

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