Wednesday, May 27, 2009

24 Great Things About Turning 24...

1. Megan and Keisha decorated my door with all the things they love about me. It was adorable and made me feel loved.
2. Mom had her preschool class call and sing me happy birthday. I go and help out there once a week or so and they know me. They were all so excited to sing, it made my day.

3. Chels made me Nauvoo syrup and pancakes for breakfast. Can you say spectacular?

4. Karlie called me from Georgia and we talked.

5. I got to wear a crown and no one could make fun of me because it was MY birthday.

6. Sharing my birthday party with Jalayne was
one of our best ideas ever, she makes everything more fun, even when she has a cold.

7. I had an excuse to get all my friends together to party!
8. I went home for my traditional Argentine dinner on Sunday and it was just as amazing as last year. My parents rock at feeding all the many friends I bring home.

9. I don't have to declare myself a dependent on anything anymore because I am FINALLY a re
al adult (as per federal student aid).

10. My car insurance goes down.

11. 24 has always been my favorite number.

12. I'm going to graduate from college while I'm 24

13. I got to eat this cake and it was even better then it looks in the picture(if that's even possible.)

14. I got to spend all weekend sleeping on my mattress in the living room. Now to most of you this would seem like a silly idea because why pull your mattress into the living room when you have a perfectly good bedro
om to sleep in, but let's be honest. There is no TV in my bedroom. No TV means no birthday Gilmore Girls and that would be a tragedy.

15. Whitney was here with me all day on Monday. I love having her come to visit me.

16. 24 feels different from 23. I know that sound odd, but it does. I like feeling 24.

17. My ag
e is also a TV show. Cool, no?

18. My friends all know me so well that each of them gave me something different for my birthday that I wanted.

19. Thanks to Chels and Jordan, I finally own an apron. I've been wanting one for a really really long time.

20. At work they bought me bagels from Einstein's. I love Einstein's cinnamon and sugar bagels. They make me happy. :)

21. I realized how lucky I am to have the friends I do. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by good people who help me to see how much the Lord loves me.

22. Even though I know she hates talking on the phone, Aubie still called to wish me a happy birthday.

23. I had an excuse to eat an insane amount of chocolate.

and last but not least...

24. My friend Jen tells me that 24 is the hot age... what do you think?


Corey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The BIG your moving up in the world. Thanks for coming to my wedding and tell your family HI. Love ya cuz! ~Corey

The Bennions said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday! Aren't they great! I'm glad you had a good one.

Amy said...

If you are 24 it is DEFINITELY "the hot age" also, it's kinda fun to see somebody party for their birthday.

I pretty much did nothing to celebrate the turning of 24 and wouldn't have been able to come up with a list that long of stuff that was good about it. You're super-fantastic and THAT is why everybody loves you so dang much. :)

Amy said...

Happy birthday Hna! I am glad it rocked so much. You make me smile so much, and I am so happy that i found your blog through some blog stalking (Nevitt's)

Annette said...

Okay, I know I'm a day late but Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a spectacular day! Bagels, cake, party, friends, living room! You just gave me a lot of good ideas for this weekend. Happy, happy birthday!

Kim said...

Mallie! I'm so glad you had a good day! You are fabulous and you deserve to have an awesome birthday!

Malinda said...

YEAH! You're 24!!! Sounds like it was Awesome!

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