Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few things I'll never understand Part 2....

Twitter. Why do I care what the heck a celebrity is doing? And why would they think we'd care?

Professors who don't check their email. Then why in heaven's name do you give us your email address?

People who don't like The Office. Are you serious? Really? Really?

How I think that I like all the songs on my iTunes, but when I listen to it on shuffle I skip every other song.

Really personal Facebook statuses. Like "I just broke up with my boyfriend and my life is over." Why would you want the whole world to know that?
When someone texts you and asks how you are, but when you respond they never write back. Don't waste my texts if you don't really care...

One word texts. Just don't write back!! 'K' is not worthy of the effort it takes to send. At least give me a sentence.

Professors that are bound and determined to give you a C. If you don't like teaching, DON'T DO IT.

Why every time there's an accident everyone and their dog has to slow down to look at it. Karlie and I have a finite system for this one. One of us drives, the other looks at what happened. Just another reason to carpool.

Talking loudly on the phone while other people are watching a movie or TV. Let me clue you in. THIS. IS RUDE. End of conversation.

More to come, I'm sure. :)


erin said...

Oh Mal...I found myself nodding at every single one on this.

Twitter. I hate Twitter. I must be old fashioned but I don't care when one of my friends find a new application on their iPhone.

The Office. How could you not love it?

Slowing down at ANYTHING on the freeway. Drive, people, drive!

Your post made me happy today.

aubrie said...

I love you, Mallie Sue. Thank you for making my whole entire day better. I couldn't agree more with you on all of the above!

Jillian said...

amen sister!

Ashley said...

So right! I hate twitter too. Thanks for the laugh!

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