Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekends Rock My Socks Off...

This weekend was absolutely fabulous. It all started on Friday night when Karlie and I decided to have a hot boys movie marathon. We thoroughly enjoyed the lovely array of gentlemen we gathered at our new favorite movie renting gallery, Hollywood Video on 4th south. Saturday was a full football day, which let's be honest Karlie and I didn't mind at all. After BYU's upset, we headed back over to our movie mecca with Lindsey and found a nice thriller collection: Enough and Disturbia. We thoroughly scared ourselves before going to bed. One of our most fabulous ideas yet, if I do say so myself. Sunday brought church and an AMAZING dinner at my parents house, followed by a deliciously scary viewing of Disturbia. I was lucky enough to spend Monday morning with Aubrie and Corey in Provo, eating amazing zucchini bread and pineapple. I also go lucky enough to see Jalayne and Shelisa for a minute, and they almost made me want to move back to Provo. After a little bit of studying, Karlie and I hit Cafe Rio for dinner where we were joined by my friend Cam, who finally made it back from Canada. All in all, it was an incredibly successful weekend.

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