Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some things I just have a feeling that you'll all want to know...

I love cloudy days. It makes me so happy to wake up to a sky full of grey clouds because usually that means rain, and let's be honest. I love rain.

Today was one of those good hair days, where even the wind made my hair look better. You gotta love that.

I had an uncontrollable grin on my face when I walked out of my first class and saw the ground outside of OSH covered in fall leaves.

The only reason I love my American Religions class is that I get to spend 1.5 hours staring at the back of this really cute kid's head. Now if I could just find a way to talk to him, then I'd be ecstatic.

It smells like fall today. What could be better then that?

I love fall because I finally got to wear my favorite U of U sweater that I got for working at the stadium.

Today is a tutoring day. This means I get to go to Karlie's classroom for a little while and teach Maria.

Not that any of those things are super important, but they made me happy, so I thought I'd share...


Amy said...

I love happy lists like these!

And I envy your good hair day. Send some my way!

Kim said...

I did want to know! I love your list. Fall is great! I love crunchy leaves and sweaters!And I love happy posts. Thanks!

Keri and Jon said...

I love that you put you love fall. Eveyone at my work is complaining about the cold and I am so excited for it! WAHOO!! It reminds me of sitting in on snowy days watching gilmore girls! Ahh the good times!

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