Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few things that I simply cannot get enough of...

I love lists, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm putting up yet another one...

Fame. If you haven't seen it, you should. The music rocked my socks off and I've listened to "Someone to Watch Over Me" about 800 times since I downloaded it.

Glee. I know that I'm about the millionth blogger to talk about this and that it's all over Facebook, but friends, I'm serious. If you haven't seen this show. YOU NEED TO. The music is superb and the acting isn't all that bad either. I'm on a musical kick, if you can't tell, but it's been well worth it. :)

"Voice of Reason". Read it. You can thank me later.

Football. Working at the stadium has it's advantages. Like never missing a home game. And getting paid to watch one. And for a fanatic like me, that's just what I need. Free tickets and a perfect seat.

SYTYCD. As a former ballerina, this is my kind of reality show.

Hulu. Watch and rewatch my favorite shows? Yes please!!!

Sherwood. Thanks to Aubie, I've listened to "A Different Light" over and over and over and over again.

Halloween Oreo cookies. This means it's fall. Plus, there's the double bonus of cookie and double stuffed cream in every bite. Rocks my world.

Diet Coke. And Strawberry Kiwi Vitamin Water. Why you ask? No idea. But they satisfy my cravings every time. My car is full of empty bottles...

Paradise Cafe chocolate chip cookies. I'm addicted. Don't judge, but I ate like 3 the other day. And pretty much nothing else.

Hoodies, sweaters and fall clothing of all kinds. If you know me at all, this should not be a surprise. I sleep in a hoodie in the middle of the summer, but it's even better when I'm actually cold enough to use one.

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aubrie said...

I love this list. And I'm totally craving Halloween Oreos right now, thank you very much. Thanks for making me smile on a lame Monday morning!

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