Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Weekend Update...

Yes. That is a completely obvious and blatant reference to Seth Myers and Saturday Night Live. I won't lie to you. Anyway. It is Sunday night, so this isn't much of a weekend update, but I liked the title. My weekend completely lived up to all and any expectations. There were naps. There was a temple trip. And yes, my friends, there was even a little Shia LaBeouf (via Transformers and Disturbia) in my weekend. Looking back on it, I'd call it a success. My team even won...Which almost didn't happen. I need to have a talk with those Ute football players. Almost losing to Air Force is UNACCEPTABLE. (Though I'm positive that Coach Whitt is a whole lot scarier than I am, so maybe I'll let him give them the talking to and I'll just stand behind him and nod, with my arms folded across my chest and a scowl on my face). There were even a few unexpected surprises some of which included: dinner at my aunt's house, a movie night with girls in my ward and a visit from a friend who lives in Orem. All in all, I'm sad to see my weekend ebb away and my week begin again...that is until I remember that I get to go to Karlie's class and help out with their Halloween parade. I even get to dress up. If you haven't read Percy Jackson you will have no idea who I am though. And that means that you're not cool and you misread the requirements of being my friend. Better jump on that one.

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Emily said...

any weekend with shia is a good weekend. and i'm adding you to by blog. you are cool.

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