Monday, November 2, 2009

Things I Won't Do When I'm a Professor...

This post comes as a direct result of interactions with professors that make me want to pull my hair out.

*Over generalize.
*Give incorrect information just because I can.
*Take 2 weeks to correct papers.
*Give so much reading that there's no possible way my students can complete it while attempting to take other classes.
*Take more than my allotted class time.
*Come late and keep my students late so I can hear myself talk.
*Use PowerPoint JUST for pictures that have NOTHING to do with the lecture.
*Insult the religion of my students on purpose.

Each and every one of these points has a current professors name attached to it. How such ridiculous people get paid so much to teach me I'll never know.


Kim said...

It's so true. Some professors are jerks... but think about it. They've never left the academic realm. They have no concept of reality.

My worst "teachers" in college, however, were grad students. They're only a few years older than I am and still think they can talk down to me. Whatever. We had one who docked my friend's grade from an A to an A- because he missed class because his wife was in labor. Apparently that's not a good enough excuse.

Anyway, power through. If nothing else you're learning how not to act.

Liz said...

if you were my professor... you'd be my favorite! just like you are now.

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