Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enter Captain Grouchy Pants...

Can I just complain for a minute? This is MY blog, so I decide that I most certainly can. 

-My feet are wet. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you why. Because it's snowing. And I wore flats to school thinking that it couldn't snow all that much. BAD PLAN.

-Because they are wet, my feet are cold. I highly dislike having cold feet. Just like I highly dislike having hot feet (warm and cool are okay, but no extremes for this girl).

-The snow ruined my cute hair. I'm going to see Micheal Buble tonight right after work, so I got ready in advance. All I have to do is go home and change my clothes. Or that was the plan. Until the snow flattened and straightened my hair. Blerg.

-Too many papers, not enough time. Are you aware that a 25 page paper takes a significant amount of time to write? It does. And just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

-I have a very very large canker sore on the inside of my lip and an even larger zit on my chin. Children will point and laugh. 

-I went to have my car registered yesterday and it failed (The paper came back with REJECTED in huge letters on the bottom, no joke). 

-When inquiring why Ernie failed, I discovered that I need new everything having to do with brakes on the front of my car. Lovely. The price? $340. I just started laughing. 

-Okay, I know that I'm being ridiculous and that I have many many lovely things to be happy about, but today I just feel like Captain Grouchy Pants. 


Cathie said...

I've gotten the big "rejected" before, too! It hurts, man. It hurts.

I got dressed this morning and thought, "It's been so nice lately, I bet I could get by with just a light jacket." Then I opened the front door. Back to the coat closet. But I should have known; it always snows for conference.

Ellie and Jared said...

ohh soo funny but sad! Sorry about the zip part I think thats the worst. :(

Ellie and Jared said...

i meant zit. ha

My Book Barn said...

Everyone is entitled to a Mr. Grouchy Pants Day every once in a while! Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Liz said...

i'll bet michael will still be happy to see captain grouchy pants.

Annette said...

At least you're a funny Captain Grouchy Pants. I hope you enjoyed the concert :)

Malinda said...

Oh that is so sad in a slightly funny way...but so sad! At least ended with Buble...even if it was with flat hair!

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