Monday, April 5, 2010


...I crave chocolate chip cookies.

...I get a little too emotionally attached to characters in TV shows. (I *might* have cried a little when Rory told Logan that she couldn't marry him and when I found out Booth had a brain tumor.)

...I listen to the same song over and over again. Right now it's Renegade by Styx. Before that it was Sway Your Head by We Shot the Moon. I have an incredibly high tolerance for repeats. 

...I talk to myself. I never answer, but if I'm alone I definitely talk to myself.

...growing up sounds fun, other days I wish I could be a little kid again.

...I want to write novels.

...I don't read the whole book but still get an excellent grade on the book review which I wrote in a couple of hours for class.

...rain makes me happy.

...I sleep until the last possible second, even if it means that I look for school.

...I make up words. Mostly with Aubrie's help, slickery being one of our favorites. mom says that I should start my own card making business. I love making thank you cards, invitations and birthday cards by hand.

...I wish I lived in a Jane Austen novel.

...I love mysteries. 

...I mock wedding announcements. Wollschy and I have joked about starting a business to tell people whether or not their announcements were ugly before they sent them out.

...I just wish that I could close my eyes have have life fast forward like it does in movies. Then I could skip all the parts that I don't like, just like I do in movies. 

...super amazing things happen while I'm at work. Case in point: Today, I'm working a super fancy, shmancy event. They have a display of White House china from many of the Presidents of the United States. Not only did I get to see that, but when I told the guy who owns the collection that I'm  a history major, he pulled a small blue box out of his pocket. From the box, he pulled out a silver chain. He told me, "Now just as a chain that means nothing. But when I tell you that this is the watch chain that the Prophet Joseph Smith gave to his brother Hyrum, that Hyrum wore to Carthage, it means something." I just stared at the chain in my hand before handing it back. "That's real history," he said.


connie said...

Have you read Austenland by Shannon Hale? You'd get a kick out of it

Cathie said...

I want to start a company making alternative cards, like, "It's Mother's Day, so I'm supposed to give you a card." Then I found out about Foxy Blunt, which does just that.

And hey, I haven't done my hair for work in ages, because I'd rather sleep an extra fifteen minutes.

Miss Kayla said...

I use "slickery" all the time!! I'm a big fan of things being "burzee" too.

Jessica and Reecey said...

I cried when Rory turned down Logan too! I even cried when Taylor gave the creepy speech about "birthing Rory out of the town's collective womb." I'm a total sucker for television.

aubrie said...

1. I wish you lived closer and I would make you chocolate chip cookies.
2. If it makes you feel better, I cry during pretty much every movie and/or TV show I watch. Even when I'm not pregnant.
3. Slickery makes me think of Alta Boys and Boston...good times!
4. The invitations you made are SO CUTE! I love them!
5. Your job rocks. That's all there is to it.

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