Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sometimes... (part 2)

...I love to eat with chop sticks. It makes me feel international. 

...I put my iPod on shuffle just so I can see how many totally unrelated songs play in a row.

...I have the undeniable urge to answer the phone in Spanish just so people will be confused.

...I stay up late reading for no apparent reason, just because I feel like it.

...I get anxious about silly things. (Okay, almost all the time).

...I want to randomly hang up on people at work because they bother me. 

...I don't understand how I can eat an insane amount of sugar and not be sick at all, but a little bit of wheat or dairy and I hate my life.

...the sun makes me happy. Other days, I just want it to go away.

...I wonder if my love of cloudy days makes me a depressing person. 

...I write letters to my future husband ala Meg Fee reminds me of something I've read in a book. Sometimes, it's the other way around.

...I save old text messages that say lovely things from my friends so that when I'm having a not so lovely day I can read them and remember that someone loves me.

...I wish that I was brave enough to do all the things that scare me in life.

...I purposely use very large words in sentences for the sole purpose of confusing the other person with whom I'm talking. I hate to see my extensive vocabulary go to waste. 

...I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog.


Cathie said...

I read your blog! And I would guess at least 14 other people do, too...

Also, we have many things in common, as evidenced by your least.

LibTenney said...

I am reading your blog for the very first time and it's darling! Sometimes I like to read until really late for no reason as well :) That is actually one thing I remember about your bedroom growing up....I was so jealous of all your books ha ha.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

You should drop "vernacular" into conversations occasionally. It's awesome and an easy way to show off your vernacular without bragging about your vernacular.


Megan said...

I read your blog all the time, Mal. I simply love it! And I feel like you are absolutely amazing for having MBP comment on yours....

Mal Mecham said...

I know, huh? My life is complete. I can die a happy girl. ;)

Laura said...

I totally read your blog... well, it's more like I blog stalk your blog :P Love you Mal. Oh, and I thought of you the other day when I was in cold stone :) Make your own happiness right?!

aubrie said...

I love you AND your blog and I read it religiously. And you're not a depressing person because you like cloudy're just well rounded.

Jessica and Reecey said...

I read your blog because it makes me happy, and so do you. I wonder the same thing sometimes. It's stupid, I know, but every once in awhile I base my self worth on how many comments I get. Apparently I'm very insecure :)

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

I always read your blog (you know). But I sometimes wonder that too. And I sometimes keep my special text messages too. And sometimes I wish you would answer the phone in Spanish. That'd be awesome!

Emily said...

Me! Here's one of mine:

Sometimes I wish that I wasn't one of those people that says "let's hang out" and then never makes anything of it. Ok, it's ALL the time.

But really, I love your blog. LOVE.

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