Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes...(Because Amera requested another post and this is what I'm best at...)

...when I'm working with my athletes at the tutoring center, I wonder if they're going to be famous. I sometimes wonder if I'm going to get to point to the screen one day and be like, "Yeah, I'm a big deal. I used to tutor (insert name of student here) in history."

...I check Facebook 800 times a day. No exaggeration. 

...(speaking of Facebook) I feel like mysteriously changing my relationship status to widowed or in an open relationship, just to see what people would say.

...when I'm on the train on the way to school, I make up stories about the people sitting around me.

...I do the same thing when I'm shopping.

...I quote TV shows and movies right along with the characters...while I'm watching. This sometimes (read: all the time) drives KMJ crazy.

...I feel like just hopping on a plane to anywhere and, Amazing Race style, trying to get myself back home. family answers the phone in a bad Spanish accent when I call home. And I love it. mom calls my dad Guido Sarducci. No joke. She also calls my friend's boyfriend Alfanzo because she can't remember his name. It makes me giggle every single time, without fail. little brother Mckay quotes movies. If you go up to him and say, "Just one kiss?" He will immediately respond, "Unless you beg for more!" and lean in to kiss you.

...I loose my driver's license. I (might) have done this about 4 months ago and I (might) have neglected to get another..just maybe.

...when I talk to my brother Max, he says "To you." Which is part of a Beetles song that we sing to each other. Whit and I have our own song. Kylee and I have songs too.

...I wonder if people ever get tired of reading my random blog posts. Then I remember that if they didn't want to read, they wouldn't end up on my blog and then I feel better. 


Jenn Mecham said...

I Love you. And your Random blog Posts. They make me giggle. I am so glad I am related to you :)

Jinous said...

I love ur blog posts and ur random posts. I can relate to some of ur posts and it's so cool to read that other
people think the same way u do. Luv u Mal!
Love Jin :)

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

You're so funny. I can tell your blog is going to be very entertaining to read!

Amy said...

Love it. Sorry about the drivers license, and when those people become famous I'll say "hey, my friend used to tutor them!" see? you're cooler than me at least.

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