Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I despise academics." Lorelai Gilmore

So I really don't despise academics. I'm going to be a college professor for heaven's sake. Academics are my life. But right now, I'm in the process of The Week of Five Papers (well that's the Native American name for it. I just call it the week from hell). Yes friends, you read that right. I had 5 papers due this week. Here's the page break down:

Senior Capstone Paper of Death: 25 pages
Korean movie review of depressingness: 2 pages (If I had to sit down and type it, then it's a paper.)
Iranian Revolution of confusingness: 8 pages
Biography of Livia Drusilla, who rocks my socks off: 10 pages
Korean History book review on a book that I have yet to read: 5 pages

I'm done with the paper of death, the movie review and the biography. I only have 13 pages standing between yours truly and cram sessions for finals. And every single ounce of my motivation is gone. I've tried bribing myself with frozen yogurt (as in I write 4 pages of my Iranian Revolution confusion and I get the treat. I've written half a page and it's been an hour) but even that hasn't done anything for my fading desire. So basically, I'm sitting on my bed, typing a sentence here and there and pretending that I really want to write this paper. In reality, it could be worse. This is my last semester where I'll have any history classes, actually come to think of it, this is my last semester where I'll take more than one class. So I guess the Avalanche de Papers could be more awful: I could have to do it again next semester. That realization aside, if any of you want to send me suggestions via any mode of communication possible (we're talking even carrier pigeons, people) I'd love to hear your suggestions of how to convince myself to finish these nasty little papers. 


Emmy Rae said...

I love how much you quote Gilmore Girls! It is one of my favorites :)

Cathie said...

Hunger strike? No food til you finish? That said, I was a stress eater and would deal with mountains of papers with a tub of Red Vines under one arm, a box of Wheat Thins under the other, a donut in one hand and a drink in the other. And I wonder how I gained back in college all the weight I lost in high school, heh.

Brit Bennion said...

I'm so're so close! But I think I know the real problem. Drop the frozen yogurt and go straight for the chocolate ice cream! Good luck!

Malinda said...

OH no no no! Food is an alright idea but I think that if you want proper motivation...then you have to go with shoes! You deserve a new pair of not any shoes but a new pair of awesome heels...maybe pink ones or even awesome black ones or red ones! And if you finish in like two or three hours then you get shoes and something a purse...or jeans...a new dress! Yes Mecham you need to finish your paper, pass your finals then take a mini vacation and come swimming with me! a new swimsuit to come swimming with me! Oh my goodness, now I want to go shopping!

Chelsie said...

Totally watching Gilmore GIrls at this very moment. Love you! Miss you!

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