Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why I Want a Time Machine...

10. To go back to 9th grade and convince 9th grade Mallorie that white eyeliner is SO not the way to go. 

9. Ditto on the 8th grade perm: bad bad bad plan.

8. 2 words: Yellow heels. (Okay, this one needs more than 2 words: about a month ago Jalaynie and I went to Famous Footwear at Gateway and I found a pair of yellow heels that I loved. They were even on sale, but I didn't feel like I could spend the money on them. I went back when I did have the moola and they were gone. Now I dream about them at night. I'm not even kidding). 

7. To visit specific days of my mission that I miss. There are lots. (Like the time that Wollschy and I were counting shirtless men in Palmdale. Or Zonie Appreciation Week when Wollschy and I tried to climb up the Zonie's balcony. She made it, I did not.)

6. In order to convince Freshman in College Mallorie that taking math first is brilliant and that she really did want to get it out of the way. That way she wouldn't have to spend 2 extra semesters in college just because of it. 

5. To be Aubie's friend before senior year. We had to shove all of our good times into one year instead of having all of high school for them.

4. So that I could return to 10th grade and demonstrate to 10th grade Mallorie the importance of joining the debate team earlier. Much cooler than trying out for the dance team. 

3. 1940s. Best. Clothes. Ever. 

2. So as to teach myself to learn to take a deep breath earlier in my adult life. This has been a miraculous concept that has recently been learned. Super helpful.

1. Because, as an historian, I have about 10,000 places/events/people that I'd like to visit/witness/talk to. Then I really could talk to dead people. 

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aubrie said...

Here, here! I agree on many of those in my life too. Only if you went back and changed those things, you wouldn't be the beautiful, wonderful, best friend of mine that you are. I wouldn't change you or trade you for anything.

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