Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Musicals...

In light of last night's Glee, between the hotness that was Mr. Shue singing Aerosmith's Dream On with Doogie Houser and the not so shocking news that my hero, Idina Menzel is, in fact Rachel's bio mom (who says there's nothing good on TV these days?)  there was heavy advocation for art education in public schools, and I was thinking about all of the reasons that I love the arts. Now, it is painfully clear to most people who have met me that I was not blessed with the God given ability to sing or play any type of musical instrument, but I consider my absolute adoration for all things artistic a talent. (Though in the next life I WILL sing like Lea Michele and dance like Alina Cojocaru.) Anyway, I was thinking that pretty much everything that I really need to know in life I've learned from a musical. Here we go:

*The beginning is a very good place to start.
*It's all about popularity. You don't become a celebrated head of state or an especially great communicator unless you're popular.
*When you hear bells, it's appropriate to imagine yourself marrying the love of your life. In fact, if you can hear the bells, if you can hear them chime, then it's all good if your heart beats in perfect time.
*Oklahoma is where the wind comes rolling down the plain. I know you were wondering.
*It is possible to wash a man right out of your hair. Seriously. 
*There are castles on clouds. And if your foster parents make you clean floors, singing about that will make it not so much so bad.
*You should forget about algebra and calculus because you should ALWAYS do your homework on the morning bus. It's okay if you can't tell a verb from a noun, as long as you're one of the nicest kids in town.
*Imaginary musical instruments can be quite effective in uniting a town, particularly the 76 trombones which will lead the big parade, with 110 cornets right behind.
*Loathing is a powerful feeling and can last your whole life through.
*Wishing upon a star works.
*A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down AND Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way.
*It's great to stay up late.
*Summer nights are far more erm...productive? than summer days.
*The sun will always come out tomorrow, and after all, tomorrow is only a day away.
*It is possible to defy gravity, but should only be done when one is through accepting limits.
*When you've got rhythm, music and a man, you shouldn't ask for anything more.
*There is no business but show business.
*One should always put on a happy face.
*The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
*If a mountain man decides that he wants to return home with a bride, then  it'll happen, bless your beautiful hide.
*No good deed goes unpunished.
*A multicolored coat can get you in a whole lot of trouble.
*A beautiful mornin' leads to a beautiful day and honestly, when you have a beautiful feeling everything will be goin' your way.

There are more, I'm sure; unfortunately for all of you it's late and I'm tired so that's all of my wonderful wit that you will receive for the present moment.


Whitney and Lish Harris said...

This has been very insightful. Thank you.

Amy said...

Is it bad that I'm proud of me for singing all of those lines? I think I got them all!

Liz said...

and of course... "stick to the stuff you know, cuz it's better by far to keep things as they are, don't mess with the quo, no no. stick to the status quo."

aubrie said...

Also just make sure you "open the gates and cease the day, don't be afraid and don't delay."

I love it. And I love you! Thanks for making me smile tonight.

Emzwee said...

I love all the songs now running through my head. Another would be is that through sunrises and sunsets the years just fly by.

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