Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Handsome Kid Pictured Below...

is my splendid younger (though much taller) brother. 
He's basically one of the greatest kids that I know. If you knew him, 
he'd rock your world. Right now, he's serving a mission for our church in upstate New York. For those few of your who aren't familiar with the concept of LDS missions, when these darling youngins go out into the wide world to share their beliefs with the fabulous people of other states and countries, they are only allowed to call home twice a year: 
Christmas and Mother's Day
Today being the latter, I was able to converse with one of my favorite siblings (they're all my favorite for different reasons) for a little while. Can I just tell you all what an incredible kid he is? 
He is fabulous.
And while I'm so proud of him for putting his life on hold to do nothing but serve for 24 months, I miss him like crazy and I can't wait for him to come home in September. I now promise not to gush about him again until he comes home.


Steve said...

It might be October instead of September...He is talking about extending...

Corey said...

He is a stud! You have every reason to gush. We are all proud of him. Let us know when the home coming is. Amber and I would love to be there. = )

e said...

Wow. He's all grown up! Awesome that he went on a mission! Go ahead and gush. :)

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