Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Rain on my Parade...

I love rain. 
It's no secret.
In my own humble opinion there are very 
few things in this mortal life 
that can compare with the absolute beauty of a summer rain storm 
The feeling of the wind as it gently tosses your hair 
and lightly dances across your skin
I simply can't get enough of the warm, sweet smell of the 
slightly damp pavement mixed 
with the delicate scent of honeysuckle and lilac
There's something uniquely special about having 
rolling thunder as a soundtrack 
lightning for a night light.

Don't Rain on My Parade is my new theme song. I listen to it at least once a day. I'm sure the people who see my driving on my way home from work think that I'm completely nuts and I'm completely good with that. 


Baby Sister said...

I've never heard that song...who sings it??

I love love love LOVE I'll have to add it to my collection. :)

e said...

rain is fantastic. and fun description too! well done!

except you meant 'mortal' life and not 'moral' life, right? But if you didn't then I might need you to explain your imagery....

Amy said...

The more I read of "you" the more I love you. Seriously.

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

Remember after I moved into Roman Gardens, it rained and you and I played for an hour in the rain? It was absolutely lovely!

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