Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Dark of the Night...

Sometimes I have really vivid dreams. They're often influenced, like I'm guessing most of the human population's dreams are, by things that happen just before I go to bed.
 Right now I'm in the process of planning a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine. Before going to bed last night, I was making mental notes of a few things that needed to be done but never got around to writing them down because I had the makings of a massive migraine. 
My aching brain decided to have a completely overactive moment and I had the most insane nightmare involving the shower. 
First, I dreamed that it rained on Thursday. We're having the shower in my backyard and as much as I love rain, I don't want to try and shove everyone in my tiny dining room. Also, about 4 times as many people as I actually invited showed up. Plus about eleventy billion little kids who proceeded to rip apart my formerly clean house. (This component is a direct result of a wedding that I worked on Saturday night). And they all showed up 2 hours early.
Then comes the part where I completely forgot to make any kind of food. Seriously. Nothing. I'm wildly running around my house, watching the time fly by like it's on fast forward, trying to find something to make and realize that I can just go to the store. 
So I grab my keys, leaving Chels in charge of the shower while I'm gone. 
I go out to get in my car and it's gone! 
(At first, I think it's like that time where Whit, Kylee and I forgot where we parked my car and wandered around in the snow for half an hour until I was almost in tears before we realized that we were on the wrong side of the mall parking lot). 
But no. My car is completely gone. In my frantic haze, I call my dad and start blubbering about how my car is gone and I have no money to buy a new one and now how am I going to get to work every day. It is in the middle of this hysterical fit that I realize that my neighbor is laughing in a most maniacal manner on her front porch, watching my epic breakdown.  (Fact: My neighbor really is crazy. Honest to goodness.) Turns out she was mad at me for parking on the street in front of her house and she had my car towed. 
It was at this point where I was mercifully awoken from my crazy night terror by a splitting headache, the likes of which I haven't had in quite sometime. It took me a minute or so to sort through the blanket of pain which was centered somewhere near my forehead and realize that, fortunately for me:
a) it was only 6:39 am and I still had hours to sleep
b) it was only Monday and I still had 2 days to make food for the shower
c) there is no legal way that my neighbor could actually have my car towed for parking on a public street,
but don't worry, I still went upstairs and checked to be sure it was where I left it.

Lesson learned? My mind is a scarily twisted place.


Jillian said...

that is quite the nightmare! I just had to tell you that after reading your post I had the song "in the dark of the night" from Anastasia all day. You crack me up, good luck with the shower.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

When I first started reading your post I thought you meant literal shower. I had a nightmare I was late for one of my finals at the U (and still living in PG at the time you can imagine late=over). I woke up IN the shower with my PJ's on and my mom asking me why I was in the shower at 2 am. Ah! Glad yours turned out (or hopefully keeps turning out) better!

Baby Sister said...

I hate nights like that...they're awful!! I get them frequently unfortunately...

Liz said...

nightmares suck. i just had one that my kitties got taken away. but in a way, they make you appreciate something more in the face of losing it. you, your car and me, my cats!

Megan said...

I apologize I caused you so much grief. I sure do love you though! And the shower turned out FANTASTIC! You are stinking amazing!!!

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