Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Languid to Lively...

So let it be known that I am not a born runner. I actually kind of hate it. Add to this the fact that I have an ever so slight case of exercise induced asthma and you have a strong case for my complete aversion of running. God has blessed me with numerous other talents (wit, dazzling charm, a vivacious personality and resplendent beauty being just a few) but any type of athletic ability was generously heaped on my younger siblings. Despite all of this opposition, I have embarked on a new goal this summer. I have been lazy as all get out since school ended. Especially since my work schedule changed to afternoons only. Basically all I do is work and sleep and watch way too much TV. In an effort to combat this lackadaisical attitude, I have begun running on a daily basis; and this is what I've discovered:

I still hate running. 
But I do kind of like how I feel when 
I'm all done with it 
(the whole being sweaty aside). 

The reason that I'm posting this for all the world to see is because I figure that if I tell all of my internet friends then I'll feel slightly more accountable to continue with my goal; especially on the days where staying home and eating Gushers while watching Firefly sounds like more fun. 


e said...

Gushers and Firefly is so much more fun. But A+ on running.

Annette said...

Good luck with that! I'm currently going through a lazy are inspiring me to be better though :)

aubrie said...

I'm impressed! Also, years and years of ballet = athletic talent.

Amy said...

Amen to Aubrie.

Also I love gushers and tv and hate running too. Let's be friends!

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