Friday, June 11, 2010

So. I read all of these awesome blogs written by wonderful people who I don't even know. One of my VERY favorites is Busy Bee Lauren. I read her blog obsessively (and shhh don't tell, but one night when I was working late at the tutoring center, I just might have gone back and read her blog from the beginning like a total stalker).
Today, she did a post about her favorite pictures and asked all of eleventy billion readers to do the same and then send it to her. So, I thought that just this once, I'd jump on the band wagon. 
Behold! My favorite picture:

The two lovely girls on either side of me are my most wonderful and fabulous sisters. Tasha Fox is a complete genius and caught us while we were goofing off during a family photo shoot. 

And I couldn't resist putting up this one either:

Mostly because these are completely AWESOME faces and because this was my first Christmas home from the mission. Whit humored me and helped me make snow angels. It was fabulous.

Last but not least:

How could that face not make you smile? I submit that it's impossible.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

um...that last picture made me want to jump through the screen and ask for a hug. precious!

thanks for playing...and bee-tee-dubs, you aren't a stalker. i like that you read from the beginning :)


Sara said...

That first picture is in-cred-i-ble. So sweet, and it makes me wish I had sisters!

Amy and Zac Martin said...

So I found your blog through Lauren's links, and ahhh! I thought I was the only weirdy that went back and read like all of her posts! SO FUNNY! I love your pictures!

Baby Sister said...

I am officially stalking you now. Muah hahahaha!!

Cute pics. :)



Emzwee said...

I'm probably a little slow because I just don't read my blogs that often, but I love the redesign and I love that you have a quote from "Emily." One of my favorite books and not just because its my name.

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