Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some People Should Have Their Own Reality TV Shows...

Have you ever met someone who has drama going on 100% of the time? You know exactly the kind of people that I'm talking about. You say, "Oh hi." And they say,
Things are just so hard right now. My boyfriend/husband cheated on me/cut off all my credit cards and after it was all over and I was out with the girls trying not to think about it, this chick totally slapped me for nothing at a bar. I mean, I was wasted, but I'm totally positive that I didn't do anything! I have no idea why the manager of the bar kicked me out after I scratched her eye balls out. I mean, I retracted my claws and everything. It might have been because I puked all over the floor or something. And I'm sure you heard that I lost my job. I mean, I was going to quit anyway so it doesn't matter all that much. The people who worked there were total idiots. Don't they understand that I just can't be kept to a schedule?  I'm not built to work full time. And the dress code! Tube tops and 7 inch heels are totally acceptable work attire anywhere else."
People like this will spend 99.9% of the time that they are talking to you talking about themselves and will often forget major details of your life (such as your last name or where you go to school) because they don't have time or the energy to remember details of anyone's life which is less dramatic than theirs. I've decided that people like this should have their own reality show... You shove all of them in a room together and watch them all fight for attention. That way, the rest of the world can live drama free, because let's be completely honest, NO ONE REALLY CARES.

I just realized that  show like this already exists and it's called The Hills.


aubrie said...

I love you, and I am dying to know if you actually know someone like this. Just think of it as a don't have to watch tv now! Oh wouldn't have watched that anyway. Dang.

Sherry said...

Sadly, I think reality tv shows only encourage these people to keep up the absurdity which they consider a life.

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