Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sometimes...(The Teaching Edition) students say ridiculous things. Like when I ask them where Berlin is and I get answers such as South Korea, Russia, Britain, the United States, France... you get the picture.

...I collect students. As in I let my boys go get a drink or walk around a little bit for a break and they bring back friends. And then the coaches get grouchy because I have a big group of students in my room and the other tutors don't have as many.

...when I use the nickname LBJ for President Lyndon B. Johnson my students think that I mean Lebron James and call the President 'The King' for the rest of class.

...I have to bribe my kids with Scooby snacks. Yes, I'm talking about the fruit snacks with the face of Scooby-Doo. They work.

...I feel tiny. Seriously. All of these guys are huge and there's short little me in the middle of all of them, jumping around trying to get them to pay attention.

...I enjoy writing on my board. Even when I spell things wrong.

...My guys talk about Blue Bell ice cream and I spend the rest of the day craving it.

...I can't understand what my southern guys say because their accents are so thick. I love it.

and last but not least,

...when Beth (the director of the study hall) tells the boys to split into groups of 2 and pick a tutor, I end up with 5 guys standing next to me all claiming that I am THEIR tutor.

I love my job. 


Cathie said...

Did you know they make graham cookies shaped like dog bones? ACTUAL Scooby snacks!

Amy said...

And CLEARLY your job loves YOU! :D Wanna tutor me? I don't have a class, I'm just stupid.

Baby Sister said...

Sounds like a blast!

Kim said...

So funny! Your job IS the best! Lucky girl :)

Megan said...

Well, you are an amazing tutor!! You're stinking awesome!

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