Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As anyone who reads this blog knows, my students are hilarious. No, honestly, they are. Remember when I asked a group of them where Berlin was and they said South Korea?  Today I was working with the basketball player that I mentor and I pulled out a pack of gum. Let me just tell you this: since beginning my tenure as a tutor I have gone through more gum then any normal person. Every time I pull the pack out one of my guys gives me the puppy dog eyes and says, "Can I have some?" and I, being the total push over that I am, hand the package over. Last night I went through half of a brand spanking new package of gum because a bunch of guys from the football team happened to be in the room when I opened it. Anyway, this afternoon, I pulled my gum out of my backpack while helping Dom write a paper. While unwrapping my minty goodness, I mentioned that one of my other students told me that the wrapper on Stride gum (my gum of choice) was edible. After considering what I said, Dom asked for a piece of gum.I handed him one and then I turned around to throw my wrapper away; upon turning back around I noticed that Dom had the gum, unchomped but open in his hand, but his wrapper was suspiciously missing. I then realized something simple, but fundamental: never tell a 19 year old that something is edible. They will invariabley try and eat whatever it is. Oh yes my friends, he was eating the wrapper. When I told him that he was supposed to eat the gum and the wrapper together, he pulled the soggy wrapper out of his mouth and smashed it together with his unchewed gum. When I told  him that the student who had originally shared this wrapper theory with me was from Texas, he exclaimed: "So he eats the wrapper because he's from Texas! I'm from California! Where I come from you either throw the wrapper in the garbage or on the ground!!" When I asked him why he even tried it, he replied, "You knew I would as soon as you gave me the gum!" Apparently, that had been my evil plan all along. Who knew that 19 year olds and 4 year olds had so much in common?


Amy said...

lol. Your poor students - how do they even stand a chance up against your evil genius? :D

PS diggin the fall decor... simply lovely.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh I can't wait until I start teaching! :) haha

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