Thursday, September 2, 2010

Short People Got No Reason to Live...

(If you've never heard that song stop reading immediately and youtube it. I'm serious. Now. GO!)

So this morning on my way to work (p.s. and by the way, today is game day and my head is about ready to explode. I'll be great as soon as the game starts, but oh the work that goes into all the behind the scenes stuff. Next time you go to a sporting event, find one of the venue workers and tell them they rock, because if they're half as cool as I am, they totally deserve it) I was thinking about being short. Mostly it was because I had to move my car seat forward so that I could reach the peddles. Anyway, I was thinking about how there are certain non-negotiable part of your life when you're a midget. Okay, I'm not a midget exactly, but I'm 5' 2.5" (yes I count that half an inch. It's like money: when you don't have a lot of it even a penny matters. When you're short, half an inch is a big deal okay?! Don't judge), but there are things that never change. Like jeans. I always always always walk on my jeans. Step stools are a must at all times, in all areas. That elusive sweatshirt on the top shelf? Only reachable through the power of a step stool. Last night, I moved a huge bin of sweatshirts and sweaters on my top shelf and you would not believe what I found! Granted, I had to stand clear back and jump so I could see the top shelf, but it held wonders that I'd forgotten about. Like all of my Stadium football uniform shirts. Crazy huh? I've also learned that being short usually means you sit in the backseat. On a road trip with some friends this past spring, I was 'folded' into the back seat, being the only person who's legs were short enough to fit. Being short means you're travel sized. It means you're convenient. It also means that you are endless called "cute" and "darling". In foreign languages, you're usually talked to in the diminutive form because you're smaller than the rest of the human population. 
Anyway, enough of my musings on being short. I just thought that I'd let all of you medium sized and tall people know what you're not experiencing. 


Baby Sister said...

Thanks for sharing. :) You are cute!! Besides sitting in the back seat, you also have to sit in the MIDDLE of it...I use that one on my sisters shorter than me all of the time. :)

Jenn Mecham said...

I don't know about you but I love being short. And through the years of stuffed car trips I have learned the only comfortable way to travel is all folded up. Which is actually the position I am in now. Small people are the coolest. We keep the world a happy place

Cathie said...

I can always wear heels to look taller, but tall people can only slouch.

Also, my husband calls my feet "Barbie feet" because they're so small. I always remind him that they are proportional to my height.

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