Sunday, September 5, 2010


That's right. I said it. I'm a nerd. Ya'll already knew that I had an unhealthy, borderline crazy obsession with school. It's almost sickening how excited I get about taking tests for certain classes, but that isn't close to the full extent of my nerdiness. I know, you thought it couldn't get worse, right? Oh just you little wait. I've got more for you. If you can handle it, read on, grasshopper, read on.

-I absolutely adore Star Wars and I think Yoda is the source of all wisdom.
-I call people young padawan when I'm teaching them new things. Most of my students don't get it. 
-I'm holding out to marry James Tiberius Kirk. 
-If I can't marry Kirk, Peeta will do nicely.
-I enjoy saying "Live long and prosper" and do my best to work it into conversations.
-Ender's Game is one of my top three favorite books and I read it once every six months.
-If I could pick a character in a book to be my best friend it would be Harry Potter. No questions asked. 
-I can word for word quote episodes of "Firefly".
-One of my life goals is to attend Comic-Con and it almost killed me that I couldn't go this year.
-I think that just about everything that Joss Whedon does is sheer brilliance.
-I have spent entire weekends watching Lord of the Rings' extended editions and not even come close to getting sick of them.
-A secret little part of me wants to learn Elvish.
-I have the secret desire to check the backs of wardrobes just in case Narnia really does exist.
-I can't wait until Tron comes out.
-I saw X Men 2 at least 6 times in the theater. I'm not joking. Ask Aubrie. She went with me all 6 times.
-I firmly believe special features were meant to be watched so I watch them all. 

There's more, but I think that I've confessed enough for one day. So, dear readers, please do tell me something nerdy about yourself so that I don't feel as though all my confessing has been in vain.


Amy said...

If I'm right there with ya on more than half of those, does that make me a nerd too? Cuz if so I'm in trouble.

Especially I heart Ender's Game - only I'm not a 14 year old know.

Also I'd be flattered if you called me young padawan. Sad? True.

Baby Sister said...

I have to say I ditto what Amy said. I haven't read Ender's Game yet, but it is on my list!! I just have to finish the book Boyfriend and I are reading first.
I think we should be friends based on this list...

aubrie said...

I also randomly burst into They Might Be Giants a la "The sun is a mass of incandescent gas a gigantic nuclear furnace..." and I can do a demonstration on the fly about where pi comes from. Nerd? Yes, thank you very much. That's why we're friends.

Also...Ice Man? Yes, please. Totally worth all 6 viewings of X-Men!

Malinda said...

And this is why I love you!!

Jessica and Reecey said...

I beat two of my husband's Playstation games before he could even play them. I dressed up for three of the Harry Potter movies. I wish I was super sleuth Veronica Mars.

amera hearts said...

wow. i read that list and thought, this is a list for me.

note to everyone: on my resume under achievements, i put that i speak full wookie. it toally works and people ask about it all the time. gets me noticed, so learn elvish!

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