Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dearest, darlingest readers,

Lately I've been pretty much stumped on what to write on my blog, which naturally means that I'm sick again. It's sad but true. I haven't had a voice to speak of (ha ha ha ha! I am so funny. In reality, I love how lame some of my jokes are. At least give me a pity laugh, I'm sick) since Monday night and I'm coughing up a storm. (Oh the bad puns I could come up with for that one! I'll spare you the anguish because I don't want to lose readers.) During this creative slump I've continued with my nerd trend and watched some Star Trek (oh the joy of Captain Kirk) and a whole lot of Star Wars (Ewen McGregor with a lightsaber? Drool) while eating pretzel M&Ms (you haven't had them? Yeah, we can't be friends anymore. You better go and try some. They're not even that bad for you, trust me). Also I've been spending quite a bit of time at work due to the delight that is football season. Let me tell you, it's a party in a bag trying to answer the phone when you can barely speak above a whisper. 
In much happier news, my fantastic little brother (who I love and adore) is coming home in 5 (count them 5!!!) days and I'm not excited at all. Okay, that's a complete lie. I'm bouncing off the walls. We thought that he was going to have to extend an extra two weeks due to some complications with other missionaries coming into his mission from the MTC, but tonight my padres called me while I was having a scrumptious dinner with my favorite DVD pusher, Megan at this most incredible pizza place here in Sugarhouse and told me that my favorite missionary will indeed be home in 5 days. Let the countdown begin!
So that's my update. I know that it's not exciting or magical, but it is what it is. Share some of your lovely news with me to tide me over during my excitement drought. 


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Baby Sister said...

Congrats on your brother coming home. :) That's exciting.
I'm sorry your sick...I hope you start to feel better!!
I would tell you something exciting, but I have nothing to I won't. :)

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